Comfort Systems

Face Down Comfort System rents equipment for maintaining proper post-vitrectomy positioning.  Our equipment provides a variety of ways to maintain face-down support during recovery from macular hole and retinal detachment procedures, and other conditions requiring vitrectomy surgery with silicon oil or gas/air bubble insertion.

The most difficult part of maintaining proper face down positioning will be dealing with the tension that naturally builds up in your neck and shoulders. Trying to maintain a proper face down position without the help of a support system for your upper body may result in you compromising your positioning. Attempting to relieve that painful tension build-up by stretching your neck, shoulders and back causes you to lift your head out of the correct position.

Face Down Comfort Systems’ equipment is designed to provide you with maximum comfort, allowing you to completely relax your upper body, while maintaining the correct face down position as prescribed by your surgeon. Professionally trained personnel will deliver and set-up your equipment ergonomically to fit your personal needs.

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